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Now is the perfect time to buy your first home, or move up to your next dream home! Interest rates are at their lowest in 40 years, home prices are at the bottom because foreclosures are at a record high. Home prices have started to increase, the market has turned, some high demand homes are receiving multiple offers and are being sold above asking price. If you wait much longer, you will have missed the bottom.

If you are renting, your monthly rates are increasing and you are paying the landlord's mortgage! One reason for the increase is if the home has been foreclosed they can't buy another house for 7-10 years so they must rent. Another reason is lenders are making it more difficult to qualify for loans. Someone who was qualified last year may not be this year.

There are many first time home buyer program, incentives and down payment assistance available. Call me to arrange a meeting so we can discuss how easily you can buy your first home.

Some of the reasons to buy now:
1. Interest rates are the lowest in over 40 years.
2. Home prices are the lowest in years, most are at 2003 levels.
3. You will have less selection if you wait. Choice homes are sold quickly, some in 7-14 days.

With the right loan program, most renters can pay the same or a little more than their current rent to buy their first home. The tax deductions will make the net out of pocket payments almost the same as renting.

First time home buyers! Click here for 20 Reasons to BUY NOW!


There are many bank owned homes, homes in pre-foreclosure and homes where the owner is "upside-down" (short-sale, owes more than house is worth) on the mortgage. This is the perfect time to buy your next property. Donald Trump said it best: "I buy when there's blood on the streets".


An integral part of my dedication to excellence in customer satisfaction is providing today's clients access to the most professional, thorough and knowledgeable Real Estate Professional. The intimate knowledge of community and strong work ethics, combined with my business skills make me the only Realtor of choice for buyers who wish to get the best representation, and for sellers who wish to get top dollar for their home in the quickest amount of time.
My Real Estate career started over thirty years ago as an investor, advisor and house renovator. Starting my career during that time allowed me to aquire valuable skills and insights into all facets of real estate. This includes extensive experience in dealing with construction, advertising, project planning, marketing and other skillsets rarely available to others, not just limit my knowledge to selling and buying. These skills and insights have kept my competitive edge throughout every market change and cycle since.
This competitive spirit and determination have evolved because of my strong work ethic background derived from self discipline and human values which have forged a successful career in all aspects of Real Estate.
As a buyer, your objective is to buy at the lowest price possible for your new home. As a seller your objective is to get the highest price for your home. Obviously these two objectives are confilicting. You are risking not getting the best deal when you have one agent represent both the seller and the buyer.